to request something in writing

James applied for more than 20 jobs before he was successful.


to go to or take part in

All employees must attend fire safety training


a person who is competing to get a job

Twenty candidates were chosen from the 160 applicants.


an official document proving that one has finished a course

Some IT companies value job experience and industry certifications over purely academic degrees.


of the present time

Her current manager is much more understanding than her previous manager.


to officially make someone leave a job

She was dismissed after she was caught stealing from the company.

fill in

to give written information often by completing a form

Please fill in the form and send it back to us.


to employ or pay someone to do a job

The company hired almost 200 workers when the new factory opened.


a post of employment, a job

His position is Sales Manager at the moment.

probationary period

a length of time in which an employee is not fully protected by labor law i.e. they can be fired or resign without reason or notice.

Most new employees have to work a probationary period before they are given a full time contract.


to actively seek new staff members

Some companies use agencies to recruit new staff.


a statement from someone who knows you saying if you are suitable for a job.

His previous manager gave him a very good reference.


connected with what is happening or being discussed

He has a very impressive CV but I don't think his knowledge is relevant to this position.


a document showing your education and work history, also known as a CV (or curriculum vitae)

Having a professionally prepared resume or CV will make a good impression on potential employers.


to give or send to someone for a decision

I submitted my application form two weeks ago and haven't heard anything back from them.

admin (administration)

the activities involved in managing or organizing a biness

Mr Sachs's personal assistant does all his admin work for him.


a small office space with temporary walls around it

The junior members of staff have cubicles and the senior members have offices.


a part of an organization or company which deals with a particular area

The sales department are one of the most important departments in the company.

dress code

a set of rules describing what employees can and cannot wear

The company dress code states that you should wear a blue or white shirt.


to store information in a careful or particular way

It took a long time to find the information as someone filed it in the wrong place.

filing cabinet

a large piece of furniture ed for holding paper documents

All of the records for last year are in the filing cabinet on your left.

fill in for

to substitute or replace someone for a short time

Mary will fill in for you while you are on holiday.

in charge of

responsible for someone or something

Mark is in charge of ctomer service so you need to speak with him.


not divided by walls

Open-plan offices offer both advantages and disadvantages.


an introduction meeting or training session

You will learn about the company, it's staff and your duties during orientation.


the part of the job involved with writing letters, reports or records

There is a lot less paperwork now that most things are done on the computer.


a machine ed for making copies of documents

I'm sorry I cannot copy that now. The photocopier is broken again.

put somebody through

to direct somebody's phone call to the correct person

The receptionist answered the call and put the caller through to the correct department.


to completely destroy a paper document ing a special machine

As we deal with some very sensitive information, all documents mt be shredded.


relating to people who work in offices

There are two separate canteens in the factory, one for white-collar workers and one for the production line staff


to be grateful or to recognize that something is good

Thank you for your comments, we appreciate all feedback.


a statement that something is wrong or not satisfactory

I made a complaint about the sales rep and the manager apologized for him.


polite and showing respect

She was very courteous when we spoke with her.

customer service

answering the shopper's questions or concerns

I phoned the customer service helpline and spoke with a very helpful man.

deal with

to handle something or take care of something

We need to deal with this problem immediately.


a problem or fault

The technician repaired the defect in the phone.

exceed expectations

to be better than someone expects or than is required

A good company meets their customers expectations, a great company exceeds expectations.

loyalty program

a rewards system which gives benefits to customers who often use the same shop

Most supermarkets offer loyalty programs to try to encourage shoppers to stay with them.


to make someone feel better about something

I had a few concerns but the salesman reassured me that I had made the right choice.


to ask people to return a faulty product

The product was recalled after it turned out that it could be dangerous.


to return purchased goods and one's money back

It is store policy that we will give refunds on any product you are not happy with.


to find the solution to

When a customer has a problem, it should be resolved as soon as possible.


to keep or to continue to have

The company has a problem retaining staff so they need to change their approach to management.


pleased because you have what you want or that something happened in a way that you want.

I am very satisfied with the new phone. It is much better than my old one.


to behave towards someone in a particular way

She resigned from her job because her manager treated her badly.


to judge or decide the amount or importance of something

We will meet again in six months to assess the performance so far.


suggesting a lot of ideas very quickly without thinking about the details of them

A lot of good ideas were talked about in the brainstorming.


a financial plan to show how much money can be spent

The boss will not be happy if we go over budget.


a final term by which something must be finished

The deadline for the report is the 16th so I have to finish by then.


a person chosen by a group or organization to act for them

Over 600 delegates attended the conference.


beginning or first one

The initial stage of developing a new product is market research.


to release and start selling a new product

Apple launches a new iPhone every 18 months.


a stage which a project is divided into for monitoring

The project is divided into 3 milestones which must be achieved at a particular time.


the main goal

Our objective is to improve sales. Now how will we do this?


continuing or happening at the present moment

He has a few ongoing problems which he will not be able to resolve before his holiday.


a useful or valuable possession which can be used to achieve a goal

A lot of people forget that the staff is the most valuable resource a company has.


a list of planned activities showing the times at which they should happen

According to the schedule, we should finish the first phase next week.


a period of days, weeks etc in which an activity is planned to happen

Our timeframe is flexible so you do not need to worry if you don't finish by the end of the week.


to make something more modern or more useful by adding new information

She worked late updating the contract to show the changes talked about in the meeting.


a person who does something without being forced or paid to do it

A lot of young people work as volunteers to gain experience.


to change to better suit a new situation

After the fifth failed interview, Pete adapted his expectations to be more realistic in the type of job he was applying for.


a meeting during which a superior evaluates the performance of a subordinate

All staff appraisals will be held in January.


the history or experience to date

His background is in sales but I think he would be a good choice for the position of customer service manager.

career ladder

the series of professional jobs which make up your working life

Mr Sinclair's first step on the career ladder was as a junior member of the accounts team.


without chance for development

He decided to resign when he realized that he was in a dead-end job with no chance of advancement.


the process of being moved to a lower position at work

She was really angry about her demotion to a lower position in the department.

fast track

a course leading to advancement faster than usual

The company offers a fast track program in which you will be assessed every two months to see if you are ready for advancement.


to get or acquire something (especially when using effort)

She gained a lot of experience working in her previous job.


to cause someone to think positively about you

The second candidate really impressed me. I think we should offer her the position.


a person at the same level as you

Spending time with your peers from work outside of the office is a good way to build a better relationship with them


the process of being moved to a higher position at work

Her promotion to manager wasn't a surprise to anyone as she clearly deserved it.


future possibilities or opportunities

I don't earn very much at the moment but the financial prospects for the job are great.


quick, fast

Everyone in the department was pleased with Jason's rapid progress.


the process of changing the organizational lay out of a company

After the merger the company announced that they would be restructuring the entire sales force.


the process of being taught the skills you need for a particular task / job

All new staff will be given training on how to use the machines in a safe way.


attractive or interesting

His idea wasn't appealing to the manager so it never happened.


a helpful or positive effect

Working so close to home has a lot of benefits when it comes to traveling.

break the ice

to make someone you have just met feel more relaxed

Some people say the best way to break the ice is to tell a joke.

count on

to depend on, know that someone or something will be as expected

In a team, all members must be able to count on each other.


to improve or become better

Over the past year the business has developed a lot.

get to know

to start to have knowledge about

He met and got to know several interesting people during the conference.


to form or have an opinion about

Most people judge others in the first five seconds of meeting them.


to move around and talk to people at a social event

She doesn't like sitting in one place during parties, she prefers to mingle and speak to as many people as she can.


the process of meeting and talking to lots of people

A lot of people don't realize how important networking is in modern business.


to show someone or something in a particular way

He presented himself very well in the interview and ended up getting the job.


a relationship in which people like, understand and respect each other

A good salesman needs to be able to build a rapport with customers very quickly.

small talk

informal conversation about something unimportant

Topics like the weather or a local sports team are great for small talk.


to spend time talking with other people

John is very open and this makes him good at socializing.

take advantage of

to make full use of or exploit a situation for your own benefit

The staff took advantage of the manager's absence and left 20 minutes early.


to use something

A big part of project management is deciding how to best utilize your resources.

check in

to register at a hotel, airport etc.

James had to show his passport to the receptionist when he checked in.


a sum of money which should be repaid

The company accountant checked the claim and then processed payment.

ETA (estimated time of arrival)

the time at which you think you will be somewhere

I am not exactly sure when I will arrive but my ETA is 16:00.


the money spent or costs incurred in order to generate value

Pete was sacked because he was caught adding personal expenses to his claim.


buildings, rooms, equipment which can be used for a purpose

The hotel's business center offers excellent facilities for business travelers.

field sales representative

a salesperson who travels to the customer to try to sell a company's product or service

The company employs 12 field sales representatives each responsible for a different area.


all of the vehicles which a company owns

All cars in the company fleet are Volkswagens because they are reliable.

freshen up

refresh yourself by washing or changing into clean clothes

I arrived early so I could freshen up before the meeting.

hold up

a delay

Sorry I'm late. There was an unexpected hold up on the way.


a plan of activities to happen at particular times

You should plan your itinerary realistically if you don't want to be late.

per diem

a daily allowance paid by a company to employees who have to travel in connection with their work

The company per diem is $50 with an additional allowance for staying in hotels.

rush hour

the busiest time on the roads usually in the morning and late afternoon when people are traveling to and from work

Driving in the rush hour can be very stressful especially in larger cities.

set off

to start a journey

The meeting is at 9am so I need to set off at 7:30 to make sure I am there on time.

traffic jam

a line of stationary or slow moving vehicles

The car overheated while he was stuck in the traffic jam.


the place where something happens

The venue for the conference has been changed to the Milton Hotel.


to act as a judge

The HR manager will be adjudicating the meeting and will help you to reach an agreement.


to recommend or suggest

I strongly advise you to listen to what he says.

code of conduct

a set of rules which show how an employee should behave

The company's code of conduct forbids employees from swearing.


an agreement in which people reduce their demands or change their opinion in order to agree

John and Mark eventually came to a compromise which satisfied them both.


an active disagreement between people

It is very stressful when you have a conflict with your boss.

disciplinary action

punishment of some kind given to an employee

When she was caught stealing from her employer, the company started disciplinary action.


an argument or quarrel

They had a small dispute over the best way to achieve the goal.


current or being now

Our existing clients are all very happy with our service.


people or organizations involved in a particular situation

The contract was signed by both parties in front of a lawyer.

run into

to meet or experience something unexpectedly

We ran into a few problems while preparing for the launch of the product.


to end or resolve a disagreement by coming to an agreement

Mark settled the disagreement by agreeing to do part of the work himself.


to force someone to leave a job for a certain amount of time as a method of punishment

Mary was suspended from work for three days.


considerate and not offensive

A good manager needs to be tactful when talking to their employees.


to bring to an end or put an end to

The contract will be terminated at the end of the year.

work out

to find a solution to

The whole department is busy working out how to meet their deadline.


operated without the use of manual efforts

The production line is fully automated so does not need any human operators.


a mechanical failure

The company replaced all of the photocopiers as they were having problems with breakdowns.


a sudden discovery or development

A lot of people say that the most important breakthrough of the last century was the Internet.


to move under the control of one authority or to one location

The company has centralized the human resources department so now we have to contact our head office to speak to our human resource representative.


a machine or piece of equipment which was made for a specific function

The most important device for the modern businessman is his smart phone.


to help or make easier

There are many examples where technology has facilitated doing business.


to estimate or predict in advance

The sales manager forecasted sales of 3.2 million.


a private computer network within an organization

The company intranet contains a list of employees with their telephone numbers.


to observe or check the quality or content of (something) over a period of time

We need to monitor the situation carefully.


to delegate a task to an outside company

A lot of European companies outsource work to Indian firms to reduce costs.


to successfully deal with a problem

The management overcame the problem of poor employee motivation by offering staff incentives.


to make more efficient by reducing wastage (of time, resources, or in processes)

The new manager streamlined the department.


a person with a wide knowledge of computers

You should ask Mark to set up your new email account. He is a real techie.


working from home via the Internet

Telecommuting is a good solution for people who are unable to get to the office everyday.

video conferencing

to communicate between two locations using software which allows the speakers to see and hear each other

Multi-national corporations can save a large amount of money by video conferencing instead of sending staff to attend meetings in foreign countries.


a formal assessment meeting between management and an employee to discuss their performance at work

During Martin's appraisal he asked for an increase in his salary.


an amount of money paid to an employee on top of their salary

Traditionally, small companies paid bonuses once a year before Christmas.


an amount of money paid to an employee for selling something

Salesmen receive a 5% commission on all sales.


a reduction or decrease

Due to poor financial performance the company is considering pay cuts.


to encounter or confront

The company is facing its greatest challenge.


a reason to work harder or more effectively

He was attracted to the job partly because of the salary but also because of the excellent incentive scheme.


something added or gained by a regular amount

The starting salary was 22,000 with increments of 2.5%.

minimum wage

the lowest amount of payment which a worker can receive by law

Tips are important for waiting staff as they are often on minimum wage.


to give someone a reason for doing something

The company used incentives and bonuses to motivate their staff to work harder.


time spent working which exceeds your contracted time

His wife was fed up with him working overtime every night.


the money which a person receives after they retire

Mary is looking forward to her retirement but she is also worried that her pension will not be as high as she had hoped.


a non-cash benefit

The company offers excellent perks to its staff including a company car and gym membership.


written or spoken approval or compliments

Andre was annoyed that he didn't get a pay rise even though he received praise from his supervisor.


to acknowledge with a show of appreciation

The award recognizes Georges' hard work and dedication.

severance package

monies or other benefits which are given to an employee who has been dismissed

When the company closed all staff received generous severance packages.


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